KHWP Annual Report 21-22

2021/22 was a challenging year for everyone as we navigated the second year of an unprecedented global pandemic.

Fortunately, working outdoors presents a much safer work environment for our staff and volunteers, and despite the significant barriers we were able to achieve some fantastic outcomes for people and nature. We have dynamically adapted to meet the demands of varying government restrictions, increasing footfall pressure on our greenspaces, extreme weather events,
and the acute rise in the need for health and wellbeing services for people of all ages. Alongside this has been the growing concern about climate change and the importance of sustainability and resilience in our communities.

Our parks, open spaces, and nature reserves not only present vital opportunities to help protect and restore nature but they are also essential resources to help people flourish and they must be accessible to everyone. It is vital that, with the involvement of local people and communities, we protect and manage them appropriately, and explore and enjoy them freely and respectfully. Our green spaces also offer critical nature-based solutions and mitigation opportunities against the effect of climate change.
This report summarises the work and outcomes of KHWP in 2021/22 under our 3 main branches of conservation, education, and wellbeing; all of which could only have been achieved with our partners, our core funding, and our wonderful team of volunteers.

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