Cross Pollination Project

The goal of the project is the conservation of our honey bees, native bees and other pollinating insects by means of scientific study, the creation of more foraging habitat, awareness-raising, and education. Through partnership working, the project will cross-pollinate knowledge and skills through the means of science, conservation and art to ensure that the significance of these vitally important species is maintained.

The project aims to promote the importance of pollinating insects and their habitat requirements by fostering and developing relevant skills through a series of workshops to schools, community groups, and local residents. There will be opportunities to learn species identification, microscopy (and pollen identification), and traditional crafts linked with beekeeping and wildflowers.

Throughout the project there will be awareness raising activities including talks by experts, a portable observation hive on tour of local schools and community groups, a permanent observational hive open to the public at Pepenbury, and exhibitions of artwork created by local artists and schools.  


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