Water Framework Directive & Natural Flood Management

The Partnership is now part of the Medway catchment group since this local river project finished.

The Teise Catchment Improvement Group (CIG), includes local landowners and parish Councillors, who discuss projects to improve the condition of water bodies within the catchment area.

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) came into force in December 2000 and became part of UK law in December 2003.
The EU legislation required the UK to take steps to improve the water quality of freshwaters including rivers, lakes and streams, as well as groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters.

In Tunbridge Wells Borough the main area of focus is the River Teise catchment area. The River Teise is a tributary of the River Medway which flows from its spring sources in Tunbridge Wells to join the Medway at Yalding.

Funding is directed towards a wide range of potential projects from river restoration projects and barrier removal through to advice for landowners and control of invasive species. In 2016 we worked in partnership with the Environment Agency and South East Rivers Trust to remove 4 weirs from the river Teise. These substantial concrete structures created a barrier to fish migration up and down the river complex around Marden and following their removal, the river has returned to a more natural and functional habitat since before the extensive modifications took place in the post second world war years.

We successfully completed projects removing weirs from stretches of the river, improved planting and more natural revetment in flood risk areas and access to parts of the rivers banks.

Work was carried out with help from local agency’s, landowners and volunteer groups.

Natural Flood Management is still ongoing but with more focus on the medway for now.

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